Around Clocks is a company created by Margaret Bernatt. Her fascination with old watches and time pieces is leading her into yet another venture... decorative, whimsical wall and desk clocks.

All pieces are handcrafted using modeling clay (polymer clay) as a medium, also incorporating wood, plywood, crystals, ornamental beads and objects d'art.

Each clock is individually made and later handpainted with metallic paints. Clock dials are especially made to complement designs as well as enhance the colour chart and painted finishes. Finally, each time piece is completed with a quartz movement, one AA battery and carries a two year guarantee.

This website shows a current though ever-changing selection of what Around Clocks produces. Margaret encourages customers to design their own piece or a range of clocks to suit their home, shop or store. She finds it challenging and stimulating to meet new requests and welcomes any creative suggestions.

Please note that every clock is handcrafted and therefore some colour, shape or size differences may occur.

Enjoy your clock and remember... "Delay not - Time flies"

Margaret Bernatt